Finally, 31st January. I’m amazed that I actually kept up and managed to post something every day. I may have cheated by scheduling posts but that’s allowed. It was a challenge finding time and a topic to write about. But I would like to thank Life for constantly keeping me entertained and giving me inspiration to write.

Today I overcame my fear of self waxing. I am so proud of myself. I managed to do so without ripping off my skin or crying. It takes guts to put yourself through self inflicting pain. It doesn’t hurt as much when Nepalese Aunty rips it off without any consideration for your well being. But when you have to do it on yourself the pain is magnified. I flinched a bit but it didn’t hurt as much as I imagined it would.

So far this year hasn’t been that managed. Managed to overcome a fear by January 31st, not bad at all.


2 thoughts on “31

    1. Oh good luck! I’ve never done my eyebrows too! Too much pain and I heard they grow back like crazy if you don’t do them regularly. But good luck to you! I hope it turns out okay :)

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