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3 Idiots, idiot..

Finally I got to see 3 Idiots. After all the controversy with Chetan Bhagat I wanted to see it real bad. I wanted to see for myself if the movie was based on Five Point Someone or not. It wasn’t. Not entirely at least.

The movie is basically about 99% of all students entering Engineering colleges in India. I’m proud to say that I also fall into that category. But my ‘Five Point Someone’ is reserved for another day. There were many things in the movie that students could relate to and I guess that’s the reason the movie is quite a big hit. Boman Irani was amazing as always. Somehow he manages to out do himself every time. Kareena Kapoor looks absolutely stunning. And her wedding ghaghra is so beautiful. Damn you Manish Malhotra for making clothes I can’t afford!!

The entire movie was done very tastefully and quirkily. The songs were such a bore though. Everybody were raving about the rain song but it was not what I expected at all. The third idiot in the movie, that dude from RDB is so cute! I don’t know his name but he is one actor whose potential Aamir Khan refuses to acknowledge in the movie for the fear that cute dude might totally upstage him. Madhavan is super cute as always. Thank God he has reduced his ponch, else the bathroom dancing sequence would have been unsightly.

Now coming to Aamir Khan, he is a great actor and everything but somehow he manages to push himself into almost every frame in the movie. He hogs most of the dialogues and is apparentely this wonderful do gooder who has a sad story of his own.
Come now!

How many times have we seen Indian movies with that kind of storyline! Like Sharukh in Kal Ho Na Ho where he brings ‘joy’ into everyones lives while he has a heart condition. How stale!

The movie might not be ENTIRELY based on Five Point Someone but it is easily seen that it was an inspiration for the movie. The plot may not be the same but so many instances have been lifted off the book. Three dudes in an Engineering college, falling in love with the Principal’s daughter, a brother who committed suicide, stealing the paper from the Principal’s office. Its all really obvious. The writing of the script supposedly took three years. Yes, three years it took them to twist the story and to make it look like it was not taken from the book. How hard will it be to just acknowledge the writer? But no, people just want to hog the limelight.

Now I might not know exactly what happened between Aamir Khan and Chetan Bhagat or even how they made up but I can see that the movie was so easily inspired from the book and it wouldn’t have killed the producers to admit it. Whatever said and done my loyalty lies with Chetan Bhaght just because he writes simple, truthful stories that are so funny and so honest that ordinary people can relate to them so easily.

But one weird thing I observed at Sathyam was that most of the people who came for the movie were :
a) Middle aged women
b) Girls
c) Really old people


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A conversation with my brother last night :

Brother: See how I good I am I respect our father.
Me: Whatever..
Brother: I’m not like you. You don’t respect him or anyone.
Me: Whatever..
Bother: You know what is Vijaykanth’s new movie called? Mariyadhai. Go and see it. At least learn something from him.
Me: ??!!!

I have to go see Mariyadhai to learn about respect?



Mouna Raagam

So finally yesterday i got down to watching Mouna Ragaam. I had heard a lot about the movie and have been wanting to watch it. So the oher day when i was in Landmark I found this really cool DVD from Bayshore for Rs.95 and it had 4 of Mani Ratnam’s greatest- Mouna Raagam, Thalapadhi, Nayagan and Agni Natchatiram.

The one thing i reaaaly love in the movie is Mohan’s house in Delhi. OMG. It was soo amazing. Revathi was absolutely adorable. From the beginning to the end she literally stole the show. The movie is’nt your typical Indian movie run-of-the-mill romance. It shows Revathi as a modern woman not willing to spend the rest of her life with a stranger. And for once there is no mush. At all.

When Mohan comes to her house to ponnu pathify Revathi disses them and does not return home till late. When she does arrive she is su
rprised to see him still waiting and tells him all the bad things about herself to put him off. Obviously he falls in love with her after this.

Buth the best ponnu pathifying scene according to me in Tamil cinema is from another of Mani Ratnam’s movies – Alaipayuthe. When the groom’s people come to see Shalini’s sister her parents force her to check out the groom’s brother. And the part where she hesitatingly says “yenekku ekneve kalyanam ayichu. appa amma ku theriyadu”. Oh Lord, how i love that scene!

And also..
-“yenekk age ennavenalum seyvia?”
-“train le endu gudipiya?”