We had a symposium on saturday. A technical symposium is where many different colleges come together while one college hosts it and lots of fun and exciting events happen. Except that there in nothing exactly fun or exciting about it.

So what we did was wear sari, click photos, go to college, click another million or so photos, change clothes, bunk the symposium and go to bessy.

If you are one of those people who frequently visit Bessy then you must have visited MASH. and since I’m not so frequent I got to go to MASH for the first time.
And its a pretty fun place to go.

MASH is located right opposite Bessie beach. You ask- the beach is so effing long where exactly is it?
I say – I don’t know.

The restaurant is modeled like a shack. The little birdies that keep flying make it all the more interesting. The decor is also very beach-y. Cane chairs, paper lanterns, the works.

We had the most creamiest, cheesiest, most cholesterol inducing, pimple-giving, butt-expanding pasta whose main ingredient was cheese, cream cheese sauce and grated cheese. But it was way better than the other white sauce pastas in the city.

The sandwiches were the conventional 3 tier types filled with layers of vegetables and cheese although they concentrated a lot on onions which was gross. And i hate raw onions. The sandwich came with an amazing coleslaw. Not the usual watery mayo + wilted cabbage + smelly carrot types but actual fresh cabbage and mayo. The fries were so-so. I’ve had better.

MASH serves a wonderfully chilled refreshing lemonade, the likes of which I’ve never heard anywhere else. We didn’t have dessert because we were too ful from all the eating.

The unique thing about MASH is that they have a little sit out from where you can watch the beach and stuff your face. The view is actually pretty cool. Plus MASH is actually worth your money and the prices are reasonable.

Here are a few photos we clicked:

the view from MASH: