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Sugar? Sugar.

How is my sugar-less February going? Okay, firstly I decided I’m not entirely off sugar. I do add half a teaspoon or so in my tea. I planned to give up chocolates, cookies, muffins, cakes, dessert, you know all the good stuff. On Saturday though I did indulge in a blueberry muffin. They are my new favorites now – blueberry muffins. And I did eat an entire Cliff bar because there won’t anything else and I was hungry.

This week I will try to stick to the half a teaspoon sugar and cut out the energy bar. I have an unopened box of coconut cookies calling out my name but I plan to resist the urge. Fruits have been such a savior though. Natural sugars are so much more sweeter than artificial sugars! I had the most sweets apple the other day for dessert and a huge bunch of grapes yesterday. I love grapes. They make me so happy.

I hope the fruits keep me on the right track!


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I lost my grandfather over the weekend. It was the kind of thing I knew would happen sometime but wasn’t ready to accept. It still is a hard for me to really grasp the reality of it but I guess I never will.

I realize that God puts us through these situations for us to come to terms with the magnitude of our living. For every beginning there is an end. To dust do we belong and to that shall we return. But what we do within the time that is given to us is important. I feel that time is flying by and I need to stop, make myself useful, do good things and not wish for my purpose to be sent to me but to make a purpose out of myself.

This world is like a fistful of sand. The more we try to hold on to it, the more it slips away from us.

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Day 23 – Summer

Today was a long day. I had a huge salad and some extremely chewy Australian lamb for dinner. No meat tastes like good ol’ Indian mutton. The meat here had such a strong ‘lamb’ taste and I’m not a big fan of beef, although I’m trying to change that.

Goodnight Interwebz. My brain hurts if I think some more.


Side note: Could Summer just get here already? I’m tired of sweaters and layers. I need me some California sunshine and a day by the beach. Ahh.. the beach. I know what I’m dreaming of tonight.

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Day 17 – All caught up

Today was the second time in my life I went to the cinemas alone. To be honest, I was always hesitant to go alone. I’m the kind of person that loves to talk while watching a movie. Not in a way that it bugs others but just a quiet commentary whispered in to my partners ear. Annoying, I know but I can’t keep my thoughts to myself. 

The first movie I saw on my own was Wadjda. There were only five other people in the theatre but it didn’t bother me too much. I had my coffee and my Psycho Donut with me. The movie was one of the most brilliant foreign films I’ve seen.

Today I went for August: Osage County. Julia Roberts and Meryl Streep were both amazing. The movie made me cry at least three times. This is the first time I’ve ever cried in a theatre! Some of the scenes were just too heart wrenching. I love a good movie and I love a good cry.

I also realized that I now love to be my own plus one whether it be to a movie or to lunch. I’m pretty good company, you guys.

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Day 5

The sudden stop of the plane jolted her awake. She craned her neck to look out the plane window, past the man with the greasy hair. It was still early. She could see the golden rays of the sun inching slowly through the clouds. Clouds – fluffy – white- vanilla – ice cream – Ian’s – Asl— her mind immediately made the connection. She shook her head hoping that it would empty itself of the memories.

It was half an hour before she could collect her bags. The descent from the aircraft had been uneventful. After being away for so long she expected small things to give her that spark of excitement, but no. She saw a girl who had the word fear tattooed across her arm in Italian.

“Exactly what I needed”, she whispered under her breath.

Finally, she saw the polka dotted ribbon of her suitcase. She collected her things and pushed the trolley towards the exit. The butterflies were going crazy in her stomach, a mixture of excitement and fear, of the unknown.

“Just remember its not going to be the same, Hana. Remember you can change everything about you.”

With this chorus in her heart and a prayer on her mouth she stepped out on to the busy streets of New York. It was a mixture of people and taxi cabs. Everyone was heading somewhere. Everyone had a purpose. But she was stuck to the pavement. There it was, bang opposite the airport exit – Ian’s Ice Cream Parlor written in a cheery red color. The moment she saw that, all the memories came flooding back and it took all the strength she had to move forward.

“I can make it through one day without thinking about him.” T

his was just one of the many lies she told herself to get through the day.

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Last week I took a seventeen hour flight from San Francisco to Dubai and another five hour flight from Dubai to Madras. In the first leg of my journey I sat with two boisterous Afghan women, one whose hair rivalled Cruella De Vil.

The Economy class gives one no option but to befriend your fellow passenger, and considering its seventeen hours you’d almost become BFFs. But isn’t that the most basic of human tendencies? The ability to friend a stranger? Growing up my mother always warned me about strangers. She would drill the Little Red Riding Hood story in to my head and would remind me about the wolf every time I walked alone to my bus stop.

But growing up I’ve realised that not all strangers are bad. In fact the wolves could be people you meet every day.

My theory that urine and phenol is the first smell that hits you when you land in Madras has been verified yet again. Honestly speaking though, I missed the smell of phenol. I always associated it with cleanliness.

Seeing foreign returned Uncles and Aunties at the airport is a nice time pass while waiting in line for immigration. The clothes they come up with are mind boggling. I saw an uncle wearing grey satin pants carrying a leather backpack. Go ahead, imagine.
Aunties wearing silk sarees and sneakers is the norm.

Madras seems a little different, like it’s lost its old world charm. I’ve only been away a year so maybe I’ve lost mine.