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Instagram is evil.

The number of times I’ve picked up a  book and dropped it to check my phone is despicable. I have a huge stack of books to be read, yet I find myself watching random YouTube videos. At first it was funny like “Oh I’ll just watch this last cat video and get back.” But the thing is it never stopped. There are a million videos on YouTube and somehow I’ve made it my aim in life to watch them all.

The next experiment I tried was to turn off my computer so that I could concentrate better on my book.  But my hands have a weird magnetic attraction to my cell phone and the next thing you know I’m checking Twitter. I realize the  need to disconnect myself from technology is infinitely greater now.

I can feel technology slowly creeping in to all faucets of my life and setting shop. I know that’s a bad thing and I should stop, especially when it comes to my reading. Sometimes I feel like this online life is inching out my social life and just my life in general. How do I consciously stay disconnected at least for an hour without checking my phone. I don’t even get that many messages! I’m not that important!

When I was growing up I was anti social yes, but I read. I read all the time. I tried my best to get out from playing with other kids so I could read My mom hated it. She pushed me to play with the other kids. We can see now that it had absolutely no effect on me. I just want to go back to the time when I didn’t own a smart phone and my brother didn’t let me touch the computer. Things were much simpler back then. I didn’t worry about the future or Instagram and I managed to finish reading my book in record time.

Time machine or tips, anyone?

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“… while I bathed, while I tried but failed to sleep, I considered how I might become more like the women I respected and admired. Surrounded as I was by ambitious, accomplished women, I couldn’t ignore the little voice in my head that said maybe I was supposed to shed halfway, and do something significant. Contribute something. Accomplish something. Choose. Be.”

– Z: A Novel of Zelda Fitzgerald, Therese Anne Fowler


It’s time…

I have always been a Blogger fan girl. It is where I started my first blog and from there on I got to read hundreds of wonderful blogs. WordPress always seemed like the opposite of Blogger, something I would never do. It looked awfully plain and morose, in my eyes. Blogger was the fun, younger sibling.

The past few months I’ve experienced a writer’s block like no other. Ideas slipped out of mind, I could not form one sensible sentence and all my best ideas came to me while I was sleeping. Like, in my dream I’d think of something and be all “Homaigod, best idea ever”. I would tell myself to remember it and by the time I woke up, the idea would be, but a dream. I struggled with this for a quite a while and eventually just gave up.

Lately I’ve also been reading new blogs just to gather inspiration. I was feeling very insipid and needed a change very badly. I needed newer grounds to conquer, cleaner pastures. Basically, I just wanted to get to the other side, where, I heard the grass always seemed greener. Considering how I am on the cusp of new things and new opportunities are seeking me I thought it was time to document that in a newer place. That is how this WordPress site was born.

I chose the name ‘Maybe In Madras’ because Madras is my baby, my city of love. I hate to refer to it as Chennai, although that is the correct Tamil name. But Madras reminds me of beauty, of old world charms and of dreams that found it’s way in to the heart of the city. Madras inspired me to dream. She also reminded me to never stop. So here is to the city that molded me in to the person I am.

“Life happens in a certain place for a certain time. But there is a great surplus left over, and where will we stow it but in out dreams.”

– Solo, by Rana Dasgupta