Islam has always been known as a religion with many rules and regulations that are hard to follow. For the most part of it, it is almost true. Every religion does have certain rules that are meant to be followed and so does Islam. But the most common misconception is that in Islam, the rules are difficult to follow.

Although one may find this true initially as time passes by you get to have a deeper understanding of the religion, of what you are supposed to believe in and in Allah Tallah. And in believing so, you do not have any right to question what God is asking you to follow. Just like how you never question authority. Some of the rules may seem very abnormal to many non-believers and unsurprisingly even to many Muslims. As always the hijab has been known to bring up so many issues and even with all the exposure many fail to grasp the basic meaning behind the hijab.

Following the rules in Islam in very difficult. Nobody can claim to be a perfect Muslim. Only one person can take the claim for being the best of human kind and that is the Prophet Muhammad (SAS). But what we can and should do is try. Try relentlessly everyday to be a better Muslim and a better person everyday. And in trying everyday you come closer to Allah and closer to what Islam is all about.

I was never very religious as a teenager. I did what I was supposed to do. I read the Koran, prayed and fasten in the month of Ramadhan all because I had to and I did so without feeling anything. But ever since I’v finished high school the five month vacation that I had gave me time to think about all that I had done. The good and the bad. And that was when I realized that I had to be better than what I was. In a way my Iman (belief in Allah) increased by leaps and bounds. And in that one year I could feel a difference that I had never felt before. The feeling that Allah was on my side. It gave me courage and strength to overcome all the pitfalls. It gave me the will power to take decisions on my own and the strength to stand up for myself.

Following what Allah has told you to takes you one step away from Jahanama and one step closer to jannah. But it is never easy. It is increasingly difficult. But then trying to do so and doing everything for Allah gives you satisfaction and the confidence that Allah is there for you through everything. People around you may not understand but its what in your heart that matters. When you struggle and fight to do everything for the Almighty, He will naturally give you everything that you need. Trust me, in the end it will all be worth it.


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  1. @ zarine Only one person can take the claim for being the best of human kind and that is the Prophet Muhammadall Prophets r best of human change tat

  2. *Blushes a deep red*I didnt know that sis…Thank you.The last time I was here I forgot to add ya to my blog list…Now that Ive found u again ama add u:)

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