I read the most shocking thing in the paper today. An Indian man in Los Angeles shot himself and his family of five because he went broke and hit a financial crisis. The loser shot down his wife, mother-in-law and three sons aged 19,12 and 7. Apparentley he once made more than $ 1.2 million and went crunch because of the present financial collapse in the States. Seriously how dumb could this guy have been to KILL HIS ENTIRE FAMILY??? I dont understand how people can be so heartless. He killed his own children because he got himself in a mess and could’nt get out. His children have lost their lives all because of one wrong decision.

What is the use of being educated if people do not have basic ethics and common sense? Is’nt life all about the ups and downs? Do you give up on life just because you have a down time in your life? I think NOT. Your aptitude shows in the way you bounce back from the adversity. And what right do we have to take the life that Allah has given us? However educated this man might have been he lacked in basic morale. Rather than fighting it out and proving himself he took the easy way out.

May Allah protect us from people like this and give us the strength to overcome all our hardships.j


4 thoughts on “The Easy Way Out???

  1. salam…nice posti perfectly go wit u…wat s d point in gettin a list of degrees, high payin job and a halt in abroad…basic morale and comman sense…these two things r missin..feel sry for his family

  2. oh yea i read bout that. damn sad…esp for the kids.maybe things staretd to weigh down on the poor guy..only son to supprot family of 5+mother who is probably dependant on him for evrythin..the only thing that would help him manage it all is money nd with that gone…yea things wouldve started weighin down on him heavily.then again killin the rest of his family????y!!

  3. Subhanallah — thats so sad not to mention utterly wrong in so many ways:( there seems to be a link with bankrupt business men killing their entire families…May Allah save us from this insanity.

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