The Shri Ram Sene strike again in Manglore. But this time on a school girl. Its been just a fortnight after that horrific Manglore pub-bashing incident that has left women all over India feeling very insecure. And now they have their go at a Hindu school girl and her friend a Muslim boy.

What is happening to India? What happen to the “India is a secular,socialist, democratic replubic” that we were taught in our Civics classes at school? Relegious discrimination has been a part of India for ages. No matter how much we deny it, no matter which party comes into power, the Hindu-Muslim complication is ever present. Then why does the government pretend it does’nt exist and as if it is does’nt care?

Yedyurappa, Karnataka CM has said that what has happened in Manglore is just a minor problem.

Last week two girls were abused and thrashed while they were in a pub.
Yesterday a girl and her friend were attacked because they were Hindu and Muslim and were seen together.

Is this the India we want to portray to the world? Nobody takes action against these goons. But the Indian government is very well versed in pointing the finger at the other party. With elections around the corner and the Babri Masjid issue back again, there will never be a solution to any of our problems.

The Shri Ram Sene, the Bajrangdal et all say pubs, discos and loung bars are against Indian culture. Banglore has been India’s pub capital for so many many years. And now they think this is against Indian culture? This may be true but one cannot force one’s opinions on others and expect them to behave that way. Nobody can expect to discipline Indias’s 1.07 Billion people.

India is a secular country. But under this facist mask lies the actual roots of India’s policies. I waited impatiently to turn 18 just so that i could vote. But now after seeing what is happening in the country I don’t think either party would make any significant change.


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