Studying Engineering is a right-royal pain all over. But sitting in the back benches during class does have its advantages. Today during this called DSP aka Degree Stopping Paper to all of us under its wrath, my friend and i whom we shall call Ulsa discovered the very many capapbilities of aloe vera wipes.

Aloe vera wipes, being used with the 0.1% something something percentage of alcohol has oh-so-many powers. Ink stains disappear when wiped with it!! It closes the pores on the skin and exfoliates!! Oh the miracles of science!! And we discovered all this sitting in the last bench while the poor lady was teaching some random topic. The back bench is THE place to be.
How comes you ask is it?
Well, for one knows what the hell you are doing except of course your ever faithfull comrades of the back bench.
You can write whatever you want, Assignments, records, observations.. Ah the sweet smell of freedom..
Mobile phone checking and messaging. Note: Very important in life.
Eating. Also very important.
You write, you don’t write nobody gives a damn because the professors so rarely come back.

Basically its ultimate bliss.

The enthu pattanis of the first bench miss out on so much.

And as for fights, well I’ve grown up amongst brothers and i know the tricks of twisting hands, fingers, pinching, punching, dodging pinches and punches aimed at me and so on and so forth..
So if someone messes with me, you get hit whether you like it or not. Just like another friend whom we shall call.. SF who cannot scream even to save her life..

Ahh.. this was such a productive day..

This is life in an Engineerng College.
This is wasting 4 years of your life not knowing what to do with it.


One thought on “Of Aloe Vera Wipes And Fights

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