I’m not a person who complains often but the heat in my city is killing me!! And technically speaking, its not even summer yet! Seriously, summers in Chennai are so awful. Sweat, heat, dirt, grime are all a part and parcel of everyday life for at least three months. We have only two seasons- blistering, sweltering summers and long, wet, water-logged, so-called winters. I don’t how we manage to survive here.

Just today as I was sitting in my bus waiting for the damn thing to start, I looked around and saw that not one leaf on the trees moved. It was so still! There was’nt a hint of a breeze. Sweat pouring down our faces we used what strength remained in us to open the effing window of the effing bus. When I got home I discovered a thick layer of grime + sweat + dirt smeared on my face. Actually, I’m used it.

The thing about our summers is everyone takes precautions to stay away from the heat and to be protected. But to what extent?!


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