I have been M.I.A. for the past couple of months due to certain unavoidable situations. Firstly I had my semester exams.
Definitely unavoidable.

After a month of cramming six months worth of syllabus overnight repeatedly, I appeared, at the end of it, unscathed, caffeine induced and deprived of enjoying the wonderfully cool climate that started just during my exams. So I spent the one week of holidays that I had sleeping, eating and watching any movie I could get my hands on.

Now, a week later starting my sixth semester in an Engineering college I am beginning to feel the pangs of fright and uncertainty wondering where my life is headed. I often think that maybe I made the wrong decision after I finished school but console myself saying that its too late to think about what happened. So now I have decided to live with it and plan my life through so that I don’t regret anything in the future.

Madras at this time of the year is in her wettest ever. We see only two seasons a year – extreme heat through ten months and rain through the last two. December brings back its gloomy self- wet, cold and dark throughout the day. Stagnant water everywhere. Leaking houses and canteens and the spread of some infection or the other. Chicken guinea being the flavor of this season. As much as we curse the rain its inevitable that we love it what with holidays being declared left, right and center.

At times I hate the cold. I hate the water stagnation and the city being slathered in rain and the wetness.

But then again its hard not to love it.


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