This is my 60th post. Its been a year since I started my blog and I haven’t come even close to a hundred posts. So if I ever have a new year resolution one of them will be to be sincere and devoted to my blog regularly updating it.

This is also my first post for the new year.
I survived to see 2010. It sounds so eerie just saying 2010.

I never have resolutions for the new year. And i don’t intend to have either. But this time around there are a few things I really want to accomplish in life and hopefully I will. I have 365 days to do what I want. Or is this year a leap year? Anyways, I have 365/366 days to do what I want and by God I will do it.

This is a great start to a new year. With two of my close friends away this entire month and one who lives in the other end of Chennai, I am reduced to eating Chinese take out from Mainland China drooling over Patrick Dempsey’s hotness on Grey’s Anatomy.

This is what I want in life.
Exactly this.

I guess I’m sounding too morose. A sad way to begin a new year, yes, but gathering my thoughts at the end of the year and planning ahead for a new one is blissful too.

I would like to wish everyone a happy new year and be all yay about it but with whats happening around the world and with injustice being the theme of the year, happy is not exactly what people want to be.

I remember simpler times when year was never this dull for me. Those times were around ten years back when we used to go out as a family for dinner. My father was in his highest spirits. We would drive at midnight and wish everyone on the road happy new year. I know that it sounds like the most dumb-ass thing to do. And it was. But at least it was something to do. Few years later my brother joined college and had his set of “college” buddies with whom he used to spend the new year and I would sit at home with mom and dad eating pizza and watching whatever “puttham pudhu tiray padam” there was on tv.

And thats where the routine that started is yet to end. But deep down I don’t think I would have it anyother way either. I am such a bundle of contradiction, wanting both sides of the coin.

Now I’m just blabbering.
I’m on a roll.
Somebody stop me.

Happy 2010 all…


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