Is it fair to punish an entire group of students for the faults, or rather, the stupidity of another? This girl in my college killed herself a few weeks back and now we, the surviving are bearing the brunt of her mindless actions.

I have no respect or pity for a girl who was crazy enough to take her own life for an even crazier reason. And now the management goes around putting these fancy, idiotic rules and expects us to follow them! Its amazing how their stupidity gets ahead of them.

I would honestly feel for the girl if she had a psychological problem or something. None of us got to choose whether we wanted to be born or not. Allah gave us the gift of life and we are expected to shut up and live it the best we can and thank him for giving us life everyday to accomplish our goals and to set new ones. Everybody goes through a rough patch. Life is not all happy and good. At times it shits you in the face. But you rub it off and still at least try to live each day the best you can. We have no right to take our life when we want to. Allah gave it to us and He will take it back when He wants to. Till then we gotta shut up and live.

If only she knew the consequences of her actions.

I guess her stupidity did get the better of her. For good.


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  1. Suicide – niceee… Every college wants some excuse to impose bullshit rules… and this will give them a great platform for … LOL ! ;)Hard luck facing the BS, hehe !

  2. hilarious that pretty much the same thing happened in my college…it ended up being a media uproar and the college got blamed…it had exactly the opposite effect for us, people, the students, just used it as an excuse to get rid of some of the rules.

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