The playlist in my gym:

1. churaa liya hain thumne jo dilko
2. Sean Paul – Temperature
4. Snoop Dog

Diverse, much?


4 thoughts on “

  1. At least one can tell what language Chura liya is in. The other two? Hopeless.To his credit, Sean Paul has some melody, a discernible tune.Snoop Dogg simply sounds like a man trying to speak while grinding his teeth..

  2. Original is original, that's why it is called original ;)If you want to listen to a good version of Chura liya apart from the original, try Nomadix remix from Buddha Bar. The Ten years collection to be more specific. This one time I have to admit Bally Sagoo didn't do a great job of remixing a great classic… That's probably what your gym play'd for you !Cheers, IM !

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