It doesn’t FEEL like a new year. Few years ago new year was a HUUGE thing. My family and I we used to go out for dinner every year. People used to go crazy on the roads and everybody would be all “HAPPY NEW YEAR! WOOOHOOO!!!”.

Ya, that doesn’t happen anymore.

When I look back at 2010 I’m mad at myself for having done nothing substantial. I feel like going back in time and doing everything better than the last time. Three hundred and sixty five (sixty six if it was a leap year) days seem to have gone by so fast. The past year did give me a few life changing experiences. I did make a some life altering decisions and for that I’m happy.

I know it’s not wise to look back and wonder why I wasted time. This year, God willing, will be much different. I will take each day as it comes and make optimum use of it.

I do not have resolutions per se but just certain goals that need to be accomplished. And oh, I also want to be a better person ’cause the last year yeah, not so much improvement in that department.

Also, I will blog regularly. I’m such an embarrassment to myself. I’ve had this blog for three years and I’ve just had over a hundred posts. That is how committed I am. How depressing!

But yes, this year all that will change Insha Allah.

Starting with loosing all the oodels of weight I’ve gained eating pasta and Toblerone.

Starting now.
Right after I finish this piece of Toblerone.


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