Four years of exams, stress, assignments and depression later I’ve finally got a certificate to prove that I am an Engineer. I never thought this day would come. I never though I’d actually be this happy. But yes, God has been so unbelievably good to me. 
I finally got to wear the rented coat/gown thing with a red sash around my neck that thankfully did not clash with my outfit. There was no graduation cap, unfortunately. But then after I received my degree there was one photographer waiting who pushed me into a corner, slapped a graduation cap on my head and took a picture before I could realize whats happening. And he charged me two hundred rupees for it! All this happened in a matter of minutes. The photo reached my house yesterday. I look like a chubby deer caught in the headlights. 
Before the actual graduation ceremony began we had to ‘rehearse’ for it. Basically all of us just had to run across the stage. I just prayed that when my turn came to walk on to the stage and get my degree I don’t trip and fall on my face. Thankfully I did not do that. But right before my turn came the stupid straps on my stupid heels came undone and I limped across the stage and ambushed the boy in front of me.
I still remember the first day of college and I’m proud of how far I’ve come. I know its just one degree and there are thousands of Engineers out there, most who even deserve it, but for me this really is an accomplishment. I just hope that from now on I get to do something I really like. 
Here’s to better things to come!


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  1. Here it is… the real life starts, There are more examinations that are awaiting than the one you've faced during your academic years.Best Wishes! May yours and everyone's life will be fruitful.

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