The smallest things make me happy these days. The sun came out today and I was happy. It’s been so long since I felt the sun on my face or even broke in to a sweat, for that matter. I guess that’s what living in Chennai makes you miss. So once the sun was out I decided to go for a pseudo run. So I ran. On the wrong side of the road, I think. And almost bumped in to one uncle who laughed it off. Crossed the road and had one Aunty say “Yes! You made it”. It felt good to have some one cheer me on like that. I’m thinking of hiring a cheerleader to cheer me on when I feel down. Oooh maybe I should just hire an entire squad! I should put that in my list.

So on my run today I crossed a gallery where an artist painted on the walls along the streets. I saw this little gem and my heart skipped a beat. It felt like someone had taken that thread of thought that’s been running through my mind lately and decided to plaster it on the walls. I could feel a little smile creeping up and the sun just shined brighter today.





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