I cook dinner every week night. A couple of months back I never thought I would do this. I was always very good at eating. Please don’t mistake that for gluttony. I was just very interested in eating. I never thought I would be able to cook. Aunties of the family advised me to go for cooking classes prior to the wedding because, the way to a man’s heart is through his stomach, girl, didn’t you know that? I knew. But just chose to ignore it.

Here I am now, whipping up dinner every night. Some days its veggies and other times it’s a full on meat fest. It amazes me that I’m able to create something edible. I guess I have to thank my mother’s genes for that. She comes from a family of good cooks. I guess I did inherit a tad bit of that. A few weeks back I would spend an hour and a half cleaning, peeling and cooking. Now I take less than an hour for all that. I’ve never been more proud of myself. All those hours spent peeping over my mother’s shoulder in the kitchen have come to use. Funnily enough, I’m starting to mimic her in the kitchen. It’s funny but it also freaks me out.

I am also very lucky that the man I married is a whiz in the kitchen. Jay helps out a lot around the house and that makes me a very happy cookie. Except that this man, who is the supposed boon of my existence bans cookies in my house. Oh the blasphemy!

But I must applaud him for strongly supporting cupcakes. There’s the reason why I married him!

I leave you with a couple of happy cupcakes from Kara’s Cupcakes in San Fransisco :




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  1. Ok wait… you are married??????. Did I miss your post on wedding or did you write about it at all?? Congrats dear. Have a happy, fun-filled life ahead. Loads of love :)

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