As a child I could never eat breakfast on a school day. I lived an hour away from my school. I would wake up at 6 am to catch my school bus that would come on the dot at 7 am. Breakfast was never on my agenda. After tenth grade I switched schools to one that was fifteen minutes away so there was always time for breakfast. I’d wake up to steaming idlies soaked in hot sambar, crispy dosas or vadas speckled with pepper corns. Those two years were amazing, breakfast-wise.In college breakfast was always with my friend S in the college canteen. Pongal soaked in ghee or pooris gleaming with oil, those were our only two options. College pongal was probably one of the best pongals I’ve had. S and I would get off from the bus, walk straight to the canteen and sit ourselves there, stuffing faces for a good half hour. That was one of the reasons why I added on to my puppy weight, I guess.

Today, breakfast was scrumptious, thanks to Trader Joe’s Super Nutty Toffee Clusters that absolutely made my day. Corn flakes with a bunch of nuts, what more could you want? How about Toffee Clusters that taste exactly like caramel popcorn! Whaat?! Ya ha!! This caramel popcorn cereal makes my mornings a hundred times better. This is also another thing I like about this country, the variety of cereal. Caramel popcorn cereal, who woulda thought!


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