Today is the five year birthday of my blog. I started off on the 16th of February  2008, writing my first post about Valentine’s Day and how I was against it. This year on Valentines Day I ate chocolates from a heart shaped box, dressed up and went out to dinner. In five years I didn’t accomplish too much on my blog or write fascinating posts. The only accomplishments and stories I had were personal. Over the past five years I’ve grown to be a much wiser person. The lessons I’ve learnt were imprinted in my soul. This blog has been my one portal that has seen me through everything. When I had nobody to talk to, I would write out seemingly ambiguous posts and would feel like I have a shoulder to lean on. I may not have been very faithful but I always did manage to find my way back. That’s a relationship that stands the test of time.So to commemorate this relationship I celebrated by eating cupcakes – salted caramel and pineapple upside down.


Here’s to another year filled with cupcakes and happiness.

Happy birthday, you. You know I love you.


4 thoughts on “Fantastic Five

  1. Those cakes look delicious.. drool..drool..:D

    And congrats.. on the fifth anniversary of your blog.. may your blog see many more such 5 year anniversaries.. :)

  2. Wow 5 years. I never knew that. Maybe I should dig into your archives whenever I get time. Congrats. And every time I visit your blog, you make me drool with your food pictures:-)

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