He was a tall, lanky man with a hint of a paunch. She was mousy haired and laughed at his jokes. They seemed ordinary at first glance but you could tell there was a story there. They had just finished visiting the Tech Museum. On a Monday evening. They entered the bakery with anticipation. Her eyes glowed at the sight of the decadent pastries arranged in a manner that would make the most diet conscious person lust after them.

“Do you want a pastry”, she asked.

“Only if you want one.”

She giggled.

I am such a lucky girl, she thought to herself. He looked at her crinkled nose and loved the way it turned up when she laughed. How did I manage to get a girl like this, he wondered. Fifteen years, and I still love her the way I did when we first met.

They each selected a pastry. She chose a pink strawberry flavored one. He ordered his favorite – vanilla sponge and they ate on the patio, basking in the warmth of the glorious summer sun.


6 thoughts on “Cake.

    1. Yes, I decided to bite the bullet. And no, that isn’t me and my husband in fifteen years. If it were me I wouldn’t ask him if he wanted one. I’d just point and say, “I want that.”.

  1. Loved it :) and made me smile.
    Just from the two pieces I read, I can tell you are a great storyteller and both are so diff from each other, you r really good.

    Count me a regular at this space. :)

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