I love Spring. Gentle breeze, pleasant weather and chirping birds, enough to make me feel like I’m in a Disney movie. It makes me much happier than the gloomy winter. My life and moods seem to revolve around the changing weather. If it’s a dark day Zarine is gloomy. If it’s a bright day then depending on PMS Zarine is either gloomy or high on caffeine.

I bought a box of Parle Cheeslings last time we were at the Indian store. I love Cheeselings. They remind me of my childhood which seems like it happened a lifetime ago. Cheeselings and Frooti were everything that basically summed up my childhood. Ooh, and Corn Puffs too. Not any fancy kind of corn puffs but the real cheap one that was extremely spicy and was just labelled Corn Puffs. God, I’d kill for one of those right now.

I think I have one food to represent every phase of my life. Right now I would like some good pani puri to represent this phase but I am yet to find a place in the Bay Area that really sells me on their pani puri. So please, readers, if you live in the Bay Area tell me where I can go to get my fix. Living on an absence of Shri Mithai in my life is not doing me any good!


11 thoughts on “Need. Pani. Puri.

  1. Have you tried Vik’s in Berkeley? They have amazing streetfood! I loveeeee their cholay bhaturay, and my husband is sold on all of their chats :)

  2. And some food items are just phaseless for me, pani puri and cakes fall in that category. Hope you find a place serving panipuries soon.

  3. Dhana bazaar in Fremont, Chaat bhavan sunnyvale or Fremont, Radhe Chaat, Santaclara India Chat house, sunnyvale.. :-) Although haven’t found the pani puri of my dreams here in the bay area yet!!

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