Today was like Christmas. The tattooed FedEx employee was Santa Claus and my present was a Preethi mixie my Mama sent. I immediately tear the packaging apart and spend a minute marveling at this mixie which is everything an American blender isn’t. The mixie seals what’s for dinner – chutney and godumai dosa. I’m really excited right now as this is my first time making godumai dosa. I check hungryandexcited to brush up on the how to’s of the dosa and I’m confident enough. I make the thokku for the chutney, cool it and grind it in a second with my new Preethi mixie. I then temper it with mustard seeds and enjoy the smell of the curry leaves. Also, tempering is like my favorite part of cooking.The first few sodas are clumpy. I don’t wait too long before I flip it and it forms a paste on the tava. I don’t let that deter me, I soldier on. Finally I make soft dosas. I’m ecstatic. It’s 7.00 pm by then and husband walks in through the door, “Mmm.. You made dosa and chutney! So good!”

I beam proudly, so happy of my achievements. After we eat our spongy dosas and spicy chutney in front of the TV, I clear the table and take the dishes to the kitchen AND I SEE THAT I’VE LEFT THE STOVE ON AND THE PLASTIC DOSA FLIPPER THING HAS MELTED AND FORMED A PLASTIC GOOP ON MY BRAND NEW TAVA.

Someone please tell me how I’m going to flip my eggs tomorrow morning.


10 thoughts on “Dosa and I have a wild ride.

  1. I can’t stop asking what were your noses doing when you were enjoying dosas ;) because burnt plastic really smells like burnt plastic…which is too bad a smell.

    And were you able to remove it? If not, then take the tava to the gas again, n then switch it on….just when it has melted enough remove the plastic part using a wooden ladder this time. Because I have already made the same blunder :)

  2. Hahaham i so know this glee. For me it happened when my mother visited me for the first time. With a coconut scraping thingie and a good old oily dosai tava in tow!

    When I set up my kitchen, a trusty preethi mixie was the first “big” appliance I bought! So I feel your joy. And of course Nags’ instant godhumai dosas were like a Godsend for me. I make them with alarming frequency now.

    Happy dosa making..

  3. Omg, you don’t get Indian kind mixie in NZ too. That’s like first thing on my to-buy list this year when I go back to India. A good old fashioned but very efficient Preethi Mixer

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