I have big feet. At least by Indian standards I do, and it’s always been hard for me to find my size in shoes I liked. Comfortable shoes were even harder to find, thanks to my gorgeous flat feet. I would tear apart every shoe store in Madras from top to bottom in search of the perfect shoes in the perfect size. Shoe salesmen would give me dirty looks. One guy even told me my size wasn’t the “normal” size. The nerve of him! Safe to say, I stomped out of the store.

During college I went through a lot of shoes – sandals, ballet shoes, cheap sandals from Fountain Plaza, pretty ones from Lifestyle, polka dotted ballet shoes from Shoppers Stop, tough boy sandals from Nike, you name it. But none of them lasted long enough. I would see the wear and tear in a few months, and the fourth toe of my left foot would inevitable scrape against the base of the shoe.So the left pair of all my shoes would have a distinct mark. I know, I’m special.

Wedding shoes shopping was another tiring journey but at then end of it I managed to find a gorgeous pair that hurt as good as they looked.

Over the weekend while doing some much needed, therapeutic shopping I saw a Crocs store beckoning me in all its neon glory. I told Jay I’ve never tried on Crocs and I thought that the comfort factor of those shoes was just a myth. I had to find out for myself if it was true. So we entered the store, and I was in shoe heaven. I know all you “fashionistas” out there are like, “Omg, Crocs are soooo fugly”. But honey, you haven’t lived until you’ve lived in my shoes.

Crocs are generally expensive but I got my hands on the most beautiful pair for half the price! Yay for sales and retail and stuff! I think my new shoes perfectly encapsulate the weather right now. They are summery, yellow and so cheerful! I think I’m going to live in Crocs for the rest of my life ’cause these shoes are so comfy! It’s like walking on a baby’s bottom (sorry, baby)! They are made out of some rubbery material so no awful, skin peeling shoe bites and I must say, they look really, really good. So Crocs taught me one lesson : never brush of anything based on what others say, find it out for yourself.

Let’s all raise our glasses to Life, and the lessons she teaches us in the most unpredictable ways.

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15 thoughts on “Crocaholics Anonymous.

    1. The SA was wearing the same ones you like, except in a green color! But yea, they are terribly expensive. The yellow ones I bought were selling for double the price online! I have no idea how that works.

  1. I love the color – bright – sunny – cheery. And since the time I have known about crocs I want to try one. But I just find them too expensive. Let me explore the stores again as it is monsoon sales time here in India as well.

  2. Same experience, but with backpacks for me. I triiiedd to carry around pretty, more feminine bags, like totes and stuff. I really did. But in the comfort department, backpacks win, hands down!

  3. They look sexy Zarine!!
    I always thought crocs were fugly too :D but I changed my mind after I tried them on .. Heaven it is!! :D but it’s too expensive dude .. The last time I thought of buying one I convinced myself I could buy a pair of charles and Keith or aldo instead :D I really need to pick one up during the sale !!
    But at the same time the basket type crocs look ridiculous and is a fashion disaster for both guys and girls !! Looks damn cute on kids though :D

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