You guys, I’ve just discovered something. Remember how I had self diagnosed cynophobia? Well, I think I THINK its safe to say that I may have overcome that just a teeny tiny bit.

I’ve seen too many cute dogs here. Okay, Indian street dogs are cute too, my friend who is a savior for all animals. Just yesterday I saw the tiniest, cutest little Yorkie and he/she was walking slowly like a little old man and my heart just exploded! I really wanted to go and pet the dog! ME! If you know me then you’d know how hard it is to even have that thought enter my head.

The huge, bear like dogs still terrify me but I’m okay with Yorkies and Hush Puppies. When I say I’m okay I mean I don’t recoil in fear when a dog is walking on the opposite side and I don’t push people in front of me for protection.

Still have the irrefutable fear that I would get bit in the butt by the dog behind me.

I don’t think I will get over this fear anytime soon though.



8 thoughts on “Cuteness is the cure for all fears

  1. Oh my dog……if you met my Cookie you would be permanently cured. Most dogs have better things to do than bite passers by in the butt. And yorkies are not real dogs :-)

    1. I know they have better things to do but I really have this irrational fear about my butt being bit! What breed is your Cookie? Not chocolate chip I hope! Hahaaa! Ok, ignore the bad joke.

  2. Why are you scared though? Your fear sounds very desi. I am the complete opposite, embarrassing myself when I see other dogs and cats.

  3. Oh forgot to tell you: Dachshunds are the breed that’s considered most “dangerous” (relative term) when it comes to random biting.

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