.. not the movie. I’ve been doing a lot of self reflecting this Ramadan (don’t laugh) in order to become a better person on the whole. I was thinking about grudges and how some of them consume us like a fire. I have decided to not hold grudges against anyone and not feel so strongly when someone else holds a grudge against me. I realize that everyone is dealing with their own issues and holding on to one hurtful thing that someone said eons ago is not going to make my life any easier. Holding a grudge is like adding on an excess weight to my shoulder that I do not want. I don’t want to waste precious time in my life from wondering why so and so was mean, rude, etc.

I’ve decided to be carefree about these things and not let them gnaw at my brain. ‘Cause really, no good can come from these resentful thoughts.

P.S : How horrible was that movie The Grudge? I despise the entire horror genre.


“If everybody likes you. you’re pretty dull.”

– Bette Davis


6 thoughts on “The Grudge

  1. I hate horror movies. I would rather watch Pink fluffy candy flossy stuff on encore than something that leaves a terrible taste.
    PS. Good thoughts. I really really liked your thought on Instagram. This senseless violence needs to stop. Every continent is burning.

  2. I have nothing against the horror genre but yeah not such a fan of the movie. I am glad that Ramadan has already brought something positive to your life, wish you all the best in the coming days :)

  3. I have a semi written post in my drafts on holding grudges too:) I have to really learn to let things go and move on but have the hardest time. It’s getting worse as I get older too. Stuff I was able to forgive and forget, I find myself unable to anymore. Sigh..Note: work on self!

    1. It is pretty hard to forgive and forget. I realized that once I have something in my mind, I harp about it so much that is just drains all my energy. And its so not worth wasting time on things that do that.

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