So yesterday was Valentines Day and the city was practically covered with red and white.So what is the significance behind these colors you ask?I have NO idea.I think I am a part of very few people who think that Valentines Day is pure crap.Really.. one randomly chosen day to tell someone that you love them, not so romantic i tell you.And who even remembers St.Valentine?The dude after whom this day is named.And i dont even know what he did to get this popular.
The top three worst things bout V Day are-
1.Every shop has mannequins wearing red and white clothes.
2.Love songs everywhere a week prior to V Day.
3.The flood of red balloons and teddy bears holding hearts covering every square foot of the city.
The whole idea of V Day is to make people spend endless amounts of money on very trivial things.And they make it look like it is a sin if you are single on Valentines Day.Hell, almost every one of my friends and I were single then and we are single now and it has not affected our lives in any way.Frankly speaking I dont think having a relationship with somebody at this stage is gonna last forever.
Falling in love is more than Boyfriend-Girlfriend and “Lover”.Its about having something deeper, more meaningful, mature, permanent and more understanding.And its all about eye contact my friend said.I agree with him 100% cos wen you look into a persons eyes you convey more than you would if you got them a hundred roses and teddy bears.A single rose given with right intention at the right time is the best gift ever.Atleast according to me.Personally I would not like to make a whole spectacle out of V Day with cards and gifts and all that jazz.It really makes me sick.
Everyday should be special.You should fall in love with the same person every day of your life.That is what makes any relationship special, not any of this V Day crap. Yet many fail to get the point and I dont think they ever will because their aim is to show others how much they love that special person. They make a public spectacle out of the whole thing and the point is lost.
Still, till the day people like me exist I dont think Love will ever be lost! =)

p.s- If u agree with me on this, then “HI5!!*
And if u dont, then “I Dont Care”.


5 thoughts on “Valentines Day

  1. lol!…..tho i don agree whole heartedly wid ya.see..older couples ,workin,tend to spend less time with each other.their minds are usually filed with thoughts of work,work and work.valentines day is a sort of excuse to spend some time talkin nd atleast catchin up with ur these cases i totally support valentines day…ofcourse if in the case of younger couples..who spend it jus for d heck of it…i wud totally HI5 u !

  2. Awesome write-up!!:)I soo do agree wit u!Who needs a special day to show tht u love..everyday,every hour should be a day to celebrate.And yes,love is more than jus fatal attraction and a million “I love you’s”!Its understndin and endless trust.Not many understnd ths theory,bloody shit heads:|!Well written zarine ma!!:) *Hugs*

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