I have just realized that its been almost five months since I last wrote. And i must say my life has improved considerably since the last five months. I visited a country I had never been to before, wrote an Anna University exam for the first time in my life, met people I never knew existed before, saw movies that were never released in India and slept like Iv never slept before. Although it may seem like quite a lot it is’nt because I spent most of these four weeks at home sleeping. There is nothing in the world more satisfying than sleeping for a long time. The only person who never agreed with me on this was well, my mother who thinks sleeping till midday is the biggest sin! But now she has given up on me. She knows its hopeless and I do feel bad for her. I have still got exactly one day until college reopens. I can’t wait! Home was fun and everything but college is just a little better. One year has already passed by and how quick! Time does fly. But i guess keeping up to it as it passes by is what life is all about.


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