Well, A.R.Rahman won a Golden Globe for Slumdog Millionaire. Surprise surprise like that wasn’t expected! Rahman also referred to as the ‘Mozart Of Madras’ deserved every bit of that award. Having won his first of many national awards (the first one for Roja) and being the one South Indian known worldwide (he worked on The Warriors Of Heaven & Earth, Elizabeth:The Golden Age and also on the Broadway adaptation of The Lord Of The Rings) the Golden Globe was the last straw on his way to immense, overwhelming, world wide popularity. Almost every movie on which Rahman has worked on be it Tamil or Hindi has been a super hit only for one sole reason : Rahman’s music.

Slumdog Millionaire, the movie was just so much better with the music. Danny Boyle has showed yet again that he can do wonders. The casting of Ayush Mahesh Khedekar and Tanay Chheda as the younger Jamal’s were perfect and surprisingly even better than Dev Patel, the original protagonist. The depection of the Mumbai underworld was real as opposed to Bollywood’s glamorous potrayl. Danny Boyle captures the mood of Mumbai so honestly that it gives you a reality check. The Hindu-Muslim riots, the slums of Daravi, the underworld dons and the misuse of orphan children, a raging business ever so prevelant in India were all shown with such unmistakable sincerity.

The movie is a definite runner for the Oscar’s and hopefully a definite winner too!


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