This morning I woke up to a very conflicting India. One channel showed Sania Mirza, Bhupathi and Yuki Bhambri all returning from the Australian Open very successful in winning and all smiles. The whole of India is oh-so-happy and extremely proud. Another channel showed a 6 year old being beaten up by a couple of policemen in Uttar Pradesh.

This child, an innocent 6 year old was hit black and blue for, apparantley, stealing 250 rupees. Saying the child was manhandled is an understatement. The policeman held her by her pony tails and lifted her off the ground and hit her on the head so much that she fell to the ground.

Now the policemen involved in this were suspended. Will this make any difference at all?? They would come back after suspension acting like nothing happened. policemen in India already have a very bad reputation and this has just worsened everything. Who will trust them now (like we used to trust them before) ?

I wake up everyday and turn on the news not knowing what expect. When morning comes its upto you to choose which India you would want to represent today. Would you like the urbane India? Liberal, mall-hopping and educated. Or would you rather the other side? Corruption, intolerance, enroachment and neglect in every nook and corner..

If this goes on for a while then Abdul Kalam’s “India – a developed nation by 2020” will never be a reality but only a dream.


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