Ok so I just got back from having dinner at Cedars. Now if you live in Chennai you might recall that the restaurant was previously situated in Gopalapuram but has now shifted to Nungambakkam. The last time I visited this one of a kind Lebanese cum Mediterranean restaurants was around 5 to 6 years back. And its weirdly comforting to see that although the location might have changed thay have maintained the exact same decor.

We started off with some tossed mushrooms. Oh FYI most of the names are unpronouncable and the odds are you wont remember the names once you’ve ordered it. Yeah, so the mushrooms excellently tossed with olive oil and some kind of herby thing were amazing. But were stupidly served with some toasted wheat bread. We then had some pesto chicken blah blah. Just like the name it tasted so blah. And it was green.
C’mon! Who serves green looking chicken?

I also had iced tea and it was the first time that iced tea tasted more of ice and did’nt have any trace of tea.

For the main course I had a really amazing Lebanese dish which consisted of saffron rice ( I doubt there was saffron in it. It just looked yellow ) and this super delicious gravy that had lamb, lentils and onions. We make a similar gravy in my native but we substitute the lentils for coconut milk and that makes the gravy extremely rich. But with the lentils it was the best lamb I had ever had. My brother had this weird beef meatball which I did’nt taste cause I don’t eat beef.

The dessert was the highlight of the entire meal. We had backlava and it was so rich that I could’nt eat more than one piece. But delicious nonetheless.

The superstar of the evening was this thick slab of bisuit or cake (I could’nt figure out what it was) layered and drizzled with thick chocolate. Oh Lord, the very thought of it makes my mouth water! Now if you ever go to Cedars it does’nt matter whether you eat anything else or not but please have this awesome chocolate thing!


The price is a bit high but worth it for the different flavour that has’nt been experimented in Chennai. Cedars is one of the most expensive restaurants in the city. But the quantity is not proportional to the price. And that is very dissappointing. The service is also very poor. We had to keep asking the white shirt dude for the food so often that I felt like I was in my own house asking my mother for food.

The food is very different but might not suit all palates. But be prepared to burn a hole in your pocket.

Cedars is located at Wallace Garden road right off Nungambakkam high road, opposite to Wangs Kitchen and La Boulangerie.


4 thoughts on “Restaurant Review 1 – Cedars

  1. Wow – sounds like a great meal you had! Strangely enough though, I too went to a Lebanese place for lunch today and guess what – it was called Cedar's too! I might blog about it some time later … oh, I avoid beef too, eugk!

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