If I were to go to hell for one thing, and one thing alone it would be for murder.
Murder of hundreds upon thousands of mosquitoes whose bite marks have scarred my hands and feet beyond repair.

I don’t know if it is my “sweet” blood or my penetrable skin, but I attract mosquitoes like bees to honey. Mosquitoes have given me sleepless nights. I’ve spent hours killing every single mosquito in the room with my bare hands.
Gross, I know.

Even a single mosquito at night can keep awake till day break. My feet bear the scars of battles lost against mosquitoes. I’ve had a mosquito bite me on my hands, feet, fore head, eyebrow!, lip, tip of my nose, on my little toe, my back and even on my ear. Those suckers come, juicy and fat, loaded with blood and insert their sharp proboscis into my already deformed skin. The worst part is they are so tiny yet, they inflict pain like nothing else! My mortal enemy, after dogs of course, are mosquitoes. I waged war against them since the day I was born.

I have, at one point of time, inhaled a mosquito! Like really, actually breathed in a live mosquito like it was the most natural thing on Earth. But thankfully I also sneezed it out and it did come out… dead.

I know God made everything for a reason and we shouldn’t question him. But can someone please explain to me what purpose does the mosquito actually solve apart from showing its vampire-is-tic tendencies?

When I was little, I used to get the most awful mosquito bites. Red, sore, pus infused, disgusting scabs all over my limbs. I used to practically cry myself to sleep every night. I have used every mosquito repellent available in the market from Odomos to Good Night gel, Tortoise kosu bathhi, All Out liquid and I have even slept under mosquito nets. Till date, nothing has worked. I have a story for almost every prominent mosquito bite on my body. I have scratched my sores so much so that I’ve had skin peel off.

And the only reason I’m up this late telling you this is because the darn mosquitoes won’t let me sleep! As of tonight alone I would have killed close to twenty mosquitoes. That is not something I’m proud of but it does give me some sadistic pleasure.

I am SO going to Hell.


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