Of all the things God has given us, the gift of speech is what separates us from animals. The existence of people from various nationalities speaking in various dialects, many not know to man, is one of the signs that tell us God does exist.

This gift of speech is not enjoyed by everyone. There are people, young and old who live everyday without uttering even a single syllable. We, the lucky few, who ought to say wonderful things from the mouths and tongues that God gave us end up swearing, cursing and speak in the foulest of languages. Words, we think carry no meaning and disappear once they are thrown in air but nothing lingers longer than words.

There are times when saying nothing means so much more than all the words in the Dictionary combined. There are silences, so awkward that nothing can be said to cover them. At times, the heart yearns for words left unspoken, for words not heard often. There are words that pierce like a dagger to the heart. Silence calms the heart so much more.

When things are best left unsaid, when there is nothing more left to say or when the awkwardness exceeds its capacity the only thing that can be said, the only thing that should be said is, “As salamu alaikum”.

This can overcome any sort of uneasiness, awkwardness or nervousness. The barakth of saying this first will push your chances of entering jannah a step higher. And it will automatically make you the bigger person.

This is what life taught me today.


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