Its that time of the year again.
Exam time.

This means time to buy books, check syllabus, note down exam dates and recollect subject names.

The first slot is the practical exams. The week before practicals is the worst week ever. Writing records is one thing but getting the professor to sign it is a whole new task. They try their best to find faults and escape from signing. “You didn’t write experiment number”, “this sheet color is different from the previous one”, “I told you to do dark blue spiral bnding but this is light blue. I will not sign”.

Get a life, lady.

No matter how much or how well I study for the practicals I’m always unprepared. It is God’s miracle that I clear every time. The external examiner and the viva is another thing I greatly fear. I inevitably end up blabbering. Getting 5 on 5 for viva is a great feat. A friend of mine once didn’t answer any questions correctly so as a last resort the external examiner asked her, “Tell me the author’s name”.

She didn’t know.

“At least tell me the color of the book”, the examiner asked.


That is the state of Engineers.

I’m so sick of writing exams. answering 2 marks, write detail answer, draw line, right in black pen, blah blah blah.

It’s time to cram four months worth of syllabus in a weeks time. We’re not worried about this cause for us students under Anna University, this is what we excel in.


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