When food is pretentious the stomach is forever empty.

This must have been the underlining factor on which Radisson runs ‘The Great Kebab Factory’. I’ve had some of the best kebabs in Dubai and Saudi and Radisson tries to over step the greatest kebabs in the world by claiming to have TGKF.

A couple of days back my brother decided that it was time we went to TGKF having heard a lot about it from friends. The format of the meal is like a buffet where you don’t have to get up. The food is brought to your place and it is an unlimited meal. Unfortunately, the food is brought piece by piece at such a slow pace. So they started us off with no starters or soup but with a salad that failed to hold our interest. It consisted of juliennes of an assortment of fruits and vegetables with ‘strawberry vinegar’ which was something like liquefied strawberry jam.

They have a total of around five to six kababs. The kebabs are so bland and awful that you would not want to relive the experience by having another. So the first kebab was this mutton seekh thing shaped like a cutlet and was incredibly soft. It was served with some paratha. Honestly, this was the only part of the whole course that tasted good. The next was chicken which had some fancy name. It tasted like nothing.
Literally. I’m sure even raw chicken will have some taste at least.

The funniest part was these waiters who were trained to give a vivid description of the food before placing it on the plate. So before he serves the chicken the dude will give one description on how the chicken is made, what its called, what to eat it with, etc, etc and all this is totally unnecessary ’cause I just want to eat the chicken. If I want to know how its made I would go to a cooking class!

The next kebab was a shady looking white one which again tasted like nothing. How do they manage to nullify the taste of food that way? Then came a fish. 1% of a fish to be precise. Now I know the food is all unlimited but it doesn’t mean they have to make the portions this small! The prawn kebab eerily, tasted like chicken. Oh, at least it tasted like something.

Eating all this messed with our appetites so we decided to skip the biriyani they offered and moved on to Indian breads. I asked for naan. It was just a tad bit bigger than those kebabs. The daal was terrible. There was one dark yellow daal and one light yellow daal and both left a weird after-taste in the mouth.
I hate weird after-tastes.

For dessert we had midget sized rasgullas, black burnt gulab jamun and some weird carrot halwa. The food at TGKF is bad, bad, bad dhaaba food at outrageous prices. I cannot believe a star hotel like Radisson makes such bad food, and for the price its such a rip off! I’ve had better kebabs for less than quarter of the price!

All that bad food played havoc on our stomachs the next day and my family, we have the strongest stomachs. Everything tasted like it had been frozen for days. Not one atom of the food was hot!

So basically what I’m trying to say is – “DO NOT GO THERE”.

The non-vegetarian unlimited meal for one person costs around Rs.1200.

Radisson is located on GST Road, just a few minutes from Anna International Airport.


3 thoughts on “The Great(Ya, right!) Kabab Factory, Radisson

  1. Lol, I would have actually gone to cedars (a few months back)… but then I see her review and I skipped it… When there's no value for the money paid, there's no point in visiting that place…I have rejected almost all the major star hotels and stuff these days…Items in the rejected list include dhabas, continental, italian, french, chinese – you name it, i tried it… and after becoming tired I eat eggs, bread and milk mostly… It is much better to cook and eat than dine out… Come to think of it, I must have spent atleast a couple of lakhs trying to eat "right" – outside ! :|And if you see the guy buying water at Spencers, Cafe Coffee Day or Barista – that's me, stop by and say hello ;))Peace, IM !

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