I’ve been wanting to write for so long but something or the other comes up and prevents me from doing so. First it was the exams, but that’s not reason enough. Then, my baby, my laptop that I had tried oh-so-hard to protect from virus attacks died. She went into surgery when she wouldn’t start up. They erased her memory completely and now she is in recovery.

The weather in Madras is beautiful right now. It rained continuously today. I love seeing the grey sky and feeling the rain. Sometimes I do miss the sun coming out in all its brightness but winters here are so short that it makes it almost a crime not to enjoy it. Getting out of bed every morning is a chore. Curling up in bed with my soft, worn-out quilt is my favorite pass-time this season. I have pretty thick skin but my mother is the opposite. I’m sure its just a couple of days more before she brings out her winter armor of choice – the rough brown colored rug and a pair of socks.

Every winter my mind reverts back to the previous rainy seasons. Most of the stupid decisions I’ve made were in winter. But then again making those stupid decisions is what made me the person I am today. I guess the cold just brings out that other side of me. So if I want to preserve what is left of my sanity then maybe, just maybe, I shouldn’t move to Reykjavik after all.
Ah decisions…

There is something about Reykjavik that fascinates me and no, its not Bjork. The only thing fascinating about her is her brain which gave her the OK to wear that hideous swan outfit at the Oscars. And I read that the entire day she went around leaving little white artificial swan eggs wherever she sat.

Who does stuff like that?!


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