It was an off day yesterday what with the earthquake and everything. I was glued in front of the television dreading the after effects. Alhamdulillah, everything was okay. Except this news reader on CNN who deserves an Oscar award for his performance in “The Tsunami Will be Approaching Any Minute Now”. It is distasteful that the media wants to sensationalize situations like this. But I do not expect anything less from CNN.
Natural calamities like these are just a reminder to us that there is someone who is in control of everything. It is a reminder of the Last Day. It is a sign to tell us humans that the future is never in our hands. At times like this it really irks me that people go on Facebook and write “Earthquake! So cool!”, “Too bad I missed it!”. I mean, really? Why don’t you spare a moment to think about those who have been previously affected by it and are hence, scared out of their wits? Remember, it’s just that one second that separates the “coolness” from the possible destruction of your life and everything you know.
One thing I have to agree though, I check Facebook to confirm if the earthquake really happened. Even dedicated news sites do not update fast enough.
Today is a beautiful day albeit a bit humid. thanks to the weather. But I’m happy to be alive. Okay, you may think I’m over exaggerating all this but really, imagine if things ended badly yesterday, today would be the most depressing day even though the sun is bright and the skies are bluer than I’ve ever seen them. So thanks God, for just the trailer and not the main picture. I owe you one  many.

3 thoughts on “The Day The Earth Refused To Stand Still

  1. I know!! People updated almost immediately saying 'now I can tell everyone I have seen an earthquake' while I was frantically calling up my people there to find out if they are okay and I was like, ARE YOU FUCKING KIDDING ME? IT'S NOTHING TO GODDAMN KID ABOUT, IT WAS A BLOODY EARTHQUAKE and you could have died if God had willed so and there are people who DID die :/ How MORE insensitive can people get? Like really.We need to count our blessings and live a slightly more useful life. Like you said, we are NOT the ones in control. Not even close.

  2. Young people try so hard to be something else on facebook's hard to figure out what sort of(fake) persona they are trying to project of themselves by posting such annoying messages. There are not very many sensible people left in this world today.

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