Sunday is my favourite day of the week. Waking up late, having breakfast even later, reading through all the newspapers, I love my Sunday rituals. Today on the way back home from breakfast I saw the most despicable sight that ruined my Happy Sunday mood. On the main road of a busy intersection I saw a decently dressed woman lift her little daughters frock and let the child go pee pee on the MAIN ROAD in front of so many people. I saw this and I was ashamed for the place I come from. It doesn’t matter how you dress and from what kind of a “respectable” society you come from, if you don’t have civic sense, or just common sense, it just shows undeveloped you are as a human.
Thanks to this lady and her daughters inability to control her bladder, my day was officially ruined. Or so I thought.
So as we were driving back, me belting out a monologue on how human society has fallen and my brother barely listening, I saw a sight that cooled my senses. The pretty yellow trees all over my neighbourhood have such a soothing effect on me. I felt really happy at that moment. There may be people present in the world who blot the Earth with their ungratefulness but the Earth doesn’t do tit for tat. She repays you back with beauty for your eyes and a cool shade.
This also one of the reasons why I love Madras. She shows me terrible things but also presents me with something beautiful and in a weird, mostly illogical way, I’d like to think a balance is achieved.


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