“Let us be grateful to the people who make us happy; they are the charming gardeners who make our souls blossom.”
– Marcel Proust

Today started off as a pretty ordinary Saturday. Some days you wake up and you just know that the day is going to be fabulous, darling and some days you wake up knowing how utterly craptastic it is going to be. I woke up this morning with a pain in my rear and a head ache I knew was fast approaching. But thanks to the small things in life, today turned out to be quite okay. You know your lucky when a friend tells you how happy she is for you, “I feel so happy for you. I feel like Maggi. You know like how Maggi is so little and you put it in water and it becomes big? I feel like that!”. See her equating emotions with food? That’s a girl who will never let you down.
Today was also good because I found the cookie I’ve been searching my whole life for – Danish Butter Cookies. The cookie that defined my life and left me high and dry. The cookie that made a small appearance but left me wanting for more. I have been searching for this blue box for years, asking every relative who travelled to get me a box of these bad boys, but in vain. Today The Mother got them for me. You know it’s love when she gets you two big boxes of the cookies that no one else in the house eats. The cookies taste the same as I remember them to be although with a little less butter. Come on Danish Butter Cookie people! How can you hold back on the main ingredient; the title of your fat ridden cookies? Please remember that butter is ALWAYS good.
Now the cookie box resides next to me on my bedside. I feel like an old lady who has a box of lemon drops, handing them out to everyone. Except of course I will share my cookies only if I really like you.
So today I am thankful for the small mercies. The small things that happen that make life easier; and the people with big hearts who make life that much more fun.

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