An open wound. Bare skin. Unzipped. 
Why is it so difficult to give yourself permission to feel. To feel without being betrayed, to feel without a doubt.  Why are we holding back? Why can’t we just say exactly what we want to and move on? Why do I have to think before I talk?
So may times in life we come across situations that begs us to feel, makes our hearts beat faster. But we’re scared, so scared. Of feeling. It doesn’t matter anymore if it is right or wrong but you have to feel it in your heart. But we are scared of being exposed. We don’t want to be taken for granted. But what guarantee is there that we will be? What guarantee is there that we wont? That’s when you take a blind leap of faith. Blind, but your heart is open. Blind, but you’ve never seen clearer than right now, than this moment that takes your breath away.

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