What is with this country turning my already below par skin into a flaky, itchy mess? No amount of moisturizer and Chanel powder can cover it up. My face is shedding it’s skin at such a rapid speed and I am not a  pretty sight at all.

After a debate of frozen burritos to Domino’s pizza for lunch (Domino’s won) we went to Stanford University. How beautiful is that campus! And huge! We only managed to see the Main Quad area. There were many statues around the area so I had to have an impromptu photo shoot. We then walked down downtown Palo Alto, had coffee at Starbucks and got back home in time to watch the last half of Jab Tak Hain Jaan. I loved SRK with all my heart a few years back but the man really needs to cut down on acting young, no doubt he does look smokin’ in his army getup. Anushka Sharma really needs to eat a burger. Or two. I want to take her to my favorite Indian restaurant and buy her  a whole tandoori chicken. The poor girl deserves that much. Katrina Kaif has her pretty mouth and bouncy hair so she is set.

WANT : Kat’s luscious Burberry trench coats. So fab! Yes, I say fab now.




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