Thanks to the joblessness that is American television I’ve been watching way too many shows for my own good. Revenge is one such show. And omg is so cool I can just stream the episode I missed. Yes, there are advertisements every fifteen minutes or so but it saves me a lot of trouble from downloading episodes over piratebay. So revenge is full of convoluted plots and lots and lots of.. Revenge! Staying true to the shows name here. Emily is the protagonist. Her daddy was framed to be a terrorist so she goes around killing all the people involved. She was trained by Japanese monk/ninja type person so she has kick ass reflexes. She wears pretty pastel dresses and her blonde curls are always perfectly coiffed. Her arch nemesis is a woman called Victoria, rich and affluent, she was one of the main people involved in her daddy’s death. Victoria has a standard uniform of Herve Leger bandage dresses that she wears morning to night. It doesn’t matter if its a business meeting, no, Victoria is there in her cleavage enhancing cocktail dress to ruin the day. She is the Cruella Deville of the creme de la creme. Her son with his boyish good looks has the hots for Emily. Emily befriends him to get to the mother ship so she can ruin her. There are a zillion plots and sub plots. Emily, by some force of nature (and with the help of a young millionaire boy), manages to take down all the people involved in her daddy’s death.

Some of the plots are insane and have a lot of loop holes. It isn’t fabulous enough like Gossip Girl to blatantly ignore loop holes. But I do love this show! I don’t particularly are for either characters but I find myself drawn to the show. It has its share of gorgeous houses, pastel clothes and cute boys. That’s enough to keep me hooked.


4 thoughts on “Revenge is best served on tv!

  1. I started watching it in the aftermath of the depression that followed the end of Desperate Housewives. It’s ok, it’s grown on me.

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