So the next show I’m extremely addicted to is Pretty Little Liars. Okay, I’m 23 and should have a life by now but no, I need to watch a TV show about high school kids. PLL is about four girls who get an anonymous text messages from Anonymous person who goes by the name A. At first they think it’s their fifth missing friend a.k.a the high school meanie who went missing a few years back. But a few episodes (seasons?) in they find mean girl’s body so she’s officially dead. The series has a lot of unsavory characters : blind girl enemy who gets her sight back but still plays blind, suspicions cop boy who gets killed, sister’s creepy fiance who gets killed, dead girl’s brother who comes back looking totally ripped, friend who goes to mental asylum, hot English teacher who dates one of the PLLs (creepy with a capital C) and.. you get the drift.

The girls always find themselves in weird situations : locked in a basement, car breaks down in the middle of the woods, girls investigate broken down house in the middle of nowhere and person with black hoodie follows the girls around and ALWAYS KNOWS WHAT THEY ARE UP TO BECAUSE A IS EVERYWHERE. The show has multiple loop holes but I couldn’t care less, I love it. Lots of eerie nights and a shady town with shady people make the show what it is. As for the fashion, the girls wear the most atrocious clothes to school at times. But they each have their own style like the Spice Girls. One of them is an athlete so she is Sporty Spice, there’s a Posh Spice who was an ex-shoplifter, Prim n Propah Spice who always comes first and a Boho Chic Spice. I love this show more than I would like to admit.

Watch it for eye candy and high school drama mixed with a little mystery.


2 thoughts on “PLL

  1. I am 30 and I watch PLL. Sigh. Now you can feel all better and tell me to get a life. Only, I think I have one but still choose to follow dramas involving high school kids and such. I also make myself feel better by checking the real ages of those girls who are acting in it. They get paid, but whatever.
    Came here via your comment, and poof! You go on my reader :) Loving it!

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