Why I’ve been MIA..

It has been over a month since I signed in to WordPress. Things have been hectic and I’ve been traveliing quite a bit. When I did manage to find the time I watched a lot of Downton Abbey. And by a lot I mean A LOT. Also, I though it was Downtown Abbey. Jay was like wow Downtown Abbey like Downtown New York ah? And I was like yeah, thats how they roll. Turns out, that wasn’t how they roll.

I also read and watched Gone Girl. OHMYGOD what a mental story that was! But I loved it.

I took a short trip back to Madras and I got to witness Madras rains after two years. It was blissful. I love rain. It makes me feel so snuggly and so serene and so.. happy. There is nothing like a powercut due to heavy rains, and no food in the house – yeah, I’ve experienced that too. We are facing an extreme drought here in California. It has rained only about six, seven times in the two years I’ve been here.

Whilst in Madras I frequented Saravana Bhavan as much as I could. I have some sad news to report back my fellow Saravana Bhavan lovers, THEY HAVE REDUCED THE SIZE OF THE VADAI!!! Pre this horror when you order one plate vadai you will get : one nice big fluffy, crispy, oil drenched vadai+ chutney + sambar. Now, in the hellish present if you order one plate vadai you will get : four tiny lemon sized vadais + chutney + sambar. Safe to say, I was adequately baffled too. When I first saw the plate I was equal parts surprised and angry, (and a little scared thinking about the future). The waiter said, “Customers ellam complain pannurange madam, aanna management kekemaatikraange.

Over the past few years I have lived through many changes – getting married, moving away from home, living with a boy, seeing little cousins grow up, but this disaster revolving around the vadai is the most painful. I don’t know how I’m going to get through this. And what if I go back to Saravaan Bhavan after a year? I don’t even want to imagine the state of future vadais, its the stuff of nightmares.

So for now I leave you with this – the one decent item left in Saravana Bhavan : sambar vadai (which also has two tiny vadais).

DSC01184 copy

Mad Men Stories

I’ve started watching Mad Men and last night at the first season finale Betty Draper touched a nerve. Betty Draper is a bored, beautiful house wife and lives the life of every woman in the sixties. She takes care of her kids, makes dinner, is aware that her husband cheats on her, the usual. She visits a shrink to talk her life out. She lies down on a gorgeous leather couch, a cigarette between her delicate fingers, she is a thing of beauty. The shrink scribbles things in his note pad as she talks, never interrupting. But last night she did something that I’m sure everyone must have felt like at some point.

She suspects her husband of having an affair, in fact she knows but never confronts him and her shrink doesn’t offer her too much of a consolation. The bottom line is she is disturbed. Not depressed, disturbed. She holds the hand of a young boy and cries. She asks him, “Please tell me I’m going to be okay”. At that moment I wept inside for myself and for the hundreds of people who have felt helpless at some point. There are so many instances in life when it feels like we are standing in quick sand and nothing can go right. We don’t need comfort or a shoulder to cry on. All we want is for somebody to tell us were going to be okay. Just a tiny bit of reassurance that can go a long way and I know cause I have felt that too many times in my life.

The young boy in the episode doesn’t know why she is crying and says a simple I don’t know. She quickly gathers herself and leaves. I’ve never liked TV characters as much as I’ve liked book characters but Betty Draper, I love her character. And January Jones whom I’ve  often thought of as an ice queen is perfect in this.

I know how many times I’ve wanted someone to give me the tiniest bit I reassurance. If that’s what you’re looking for right now then trust me, you’re going to be okay, everything is going to be okay.

Beyonce Bowl.

Yesterday I watched the ‘greatest sporting event in the world’, American football. Greatest sporting even in the world because half the world just wanted to watch the half time show and the remaining half is America. I don’t understand American football. I don’t want to even attempt to understand it. Because it’s sports and I’m a woman, so according to GoDaddy’s controversial Super Bowl ad I’m just supposed to wear lipstick and look like Bar Rafeli in a mini dress while men, specifically fat nerds do all the work.

Beyonce performed at the half time show. Girlfriend wanted to prove that she could sing after the inauguration lip sync fiasco so she wore a costume that proved as a necessary distraction. Man, you should have seen her strutting her stuff on six inch heels. The only reason I liked Beyonce was because she promoted a good body image for young girls. She isn’t emaciated thin but round and curvy and girls know that it’s okay to be that way and not anorexic. But wearing glorified lingerie even if it is leather and Chantilly lace is taking things too far.

Are we now telling girls that strength is determined by how little clothes you can wear? That confidence can only be shown by showing how “comfortable” you are with your sexuality? We are saying no, sex isn’t just for the bedroom, it’s okay to walk out and say it like you mean it. Some people call this pop culture. I’m sorry, but I think is just a poor excuse.

Girls need to have stronger role models. Women who have stood up and fought for what’s right, women who are smart. Not a woman who is SO confident with her sexuality that is ready to wear only highly essential pieces of clothing.

The world is so biased that young girls who look to music as an escape from a terrible present are presented with a fatwa since music is considered ‘bad’ on one side of the world and the other end of the world appreciates how finely Beyonce gyrates.

Day 29

I spent the better part of my morning searching for my house keys which happened to be in the first place I looked. I then went for a run and got some strange looks and a half smile ’cause I was the crazy girl with a red turban on my head. I saw a homeless man and a lady with a gorgeous Gucci bag. I managed to turn away from getting my hot chocolate fix at Starbucks which wasn’t too difficult ’cause the new barista there doesn’t make it the way I like it.

I then came home and spent a couple of hours making a fabulous lunch/dinner (linner? dunch?), which I then proceeded to eat while watching Friends. Now I got coffee from the apartment lobby and started typing out this blog post forcefully. I will continue to wait for Jay to come home so that we can eat my fabulous dinner, watch Pretty Little Liars and sail away to a happy oblivion.


So the next show I’m extremely addicted to is Pretty Little Liars. Okay, I’m 23 and should have a life by now but no, I need to watch a TV show about high school kids. PLL is about four girls who get an anonymous text messages from Anonymous person who goes by the name A. At first they think it’s their fifth missing friend a.k.a the high school meanie who went missing a few years back. But a few episodes (seasons?) in they find mean girl’s body so she’s officially dead. The series has a lot of unsavory characters : blind girl enemy who gets her sight back but still plays blind, suspicions cop boy who gets killed, sister’s creepy fiance who gets killed, dead girl’s brother who comes back looking totally ripped, friend who goes to mental asylum, hot English teacher who dates one of the PLLs (creepy with a capital C) and.. you get the drift.

The girls always find themselves in weird situations : locked in a basement, car breaks down in the middle of the woods, girls investigate broken down house in the middle of nowhere and person with black hoodie follows the girls around and ALWAYS KNOWS WHAT THEY ARE UP TO BECAUSE A IS EVERYWHERE. The show has multiple loop holes but I couldn’t care less, I love it. Lots of eerie nights and a shady town with shady people make the show what it is. As for the fashion, the girls wear the most atrocious clothes to school at times. But they each have their own style like the Spice Girls. One of them is an athlete so she is Sporty Spice, there’s a Posh Spice who was an ex-shoplifter, Prim n Propah Spice who always comes first and a Boho Chic Spice. I love this show more than I would like to admit.

Watch it for eye candy and high school drama mixed with a little mystery.