Yesterday I watched the ‘greatest sporting event in the world’, American football. Greatest sporting even in the world because half the world just wanted to watch the half time show and the remaining half is America. I don’t understand American football. I don’t want to even attempt to understand it. Because it’s sports and I’m a woman, so according to GoDaddy’s controversial Super Bowl ad I’m just supposed to wear lipstick and look like Bar Rafeli in a mini dress while men, specifically fat nerds do all the work.

Beyonce performed at the half time show. Girlfriend wanted to prove that she could sing after the inauguration lip sync fiasco so she wore a costume that proved as a necessary distraction. Man, you should have seen her strutting her stuff on six inch heels. The only reason I liked Beyonce was because she promoted a good body image for young girls. She isn’t emaciated thin but round and curvy and girls know that it’s okay to be that way and not anorexic. But wearing glorified lingerie even if it is leather and Chantilly lace is taking things too far.

Are we now telling girls that strength is determined by how little clothes you can wear? That confidence can only be shown by showing how “comfortable” you are with your sexuality? We are saying no, sex isn’t just for the bedroom, it’s okay to walk out and say it like you mean it. Some people call this pop culture. I’m sorry, but I think is just a poor excuse.

Girls need to have stronger role models. Women who have stood up and fought for what’s right, women who are smart. Not a woman who is SO confident with her sexuality that is ready to wear only highly essential pieces of clothing.

The world is so biased that young girls who look to music as an escape from a terrible present are presented with a fatwa since music is considered ‘bad’ on one side of the world and the other end of the world appreciates how finely Beyonce gyrates.


One thought on “Beyonce Bowl.

  1. India is stuck between two worlds. A liberal world which understands that change is inevitable in a globalization scenario, and the conservative fundamentalists who don’t want to let go. The liberals are peaceful and show their anger by holding candles and ranting on social media, while the conservatives have arm and vote power. And, the political parties prefer to take their chances with them. Stuck between both sides, we individuals find it difficult to find a middle path to raise our children.

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