I spent the better part of my morning searching for my house keys which happened to be in the first place I looked. I then went for a run and got some strange looks and a half smile ’cause I was the crazy girl with a red turban on my head. I saw a homeless man and a lady with a gorgeous Gucci bag. I managed to turn away from getting my hot chocolate fix at Starbucks which wasn’t too difficult ’cause the new barista there doesn’t make it the way I like it.

I then came home and spent a couple of hours making a fabulous lunch/dinner (linner? dunch?), which I then proceeded to eat while watching Friends. Now I got coffee from the apartment lobby and started typing out this blog post forcefully. I will continue to wait for Jay to come home so that we can eat my fabulous dinner, watch Pretty Little Liars and sail away to a happy oblivion.


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