Today I put a bunch of clothes in the washer. Actually, I put too many clothes inside and the washer stopped working. So I took out half the amount of clothes and a red dress whose colour I know for a fact runs. I put two cycle of clothes in the washer. I thought I was smart, taking out the red dress and all. I opened the washer and the clothes looked alright to me. I put them in the drier, happy that I had accomplished this task without any major blunders.

Fourty minutes later the drier beeped. I opened the drier and found that the green color from some random piece of clothing had managed to run. A few of my clothes had grey/green streaks all over and my white t shirt was white no more. I’ve now learnt my lessons : two loads in the washer, one for color and one for white clothes. Also, don’t think you are smarter than the washer.


6 thoughts on “Is it clean or is it green?

  1. Lol !! gosh i did that once and my dad`s shirt and all became baby pink…a nice touch..but he did not appreciate it much. :/

  2. Not only do the washers do this, but over a period of time, they virtually destroy your clothes, slowly by pulling out the cotton strands, making clothes loose their sheen. :(

    Regarding your post, At times, don’t we all wish that life too had an un-do button? :D

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