I saw Vishwaroopam today. It was only okay. My all time favourite Kamal movie will always be Michael Madan Kamarajan. There was no big story line in the movie. Kamal Haasan looks very obviously old. So his make up artist has done a decent job of hiding the wrinkles and filling the circles under his eyes. Kamal plays a Muslim Indian Army soldier. There, I gave away the story. The lady who plays his wife ties at first place with Annoying Asin from Dasavatharam. Andrea Jeremiah had approximately three one line dialogues. She just followed Kamal wherever he went. Rahul Bose took acting classes from The Godfather.

Also, what is with American theaters not having an ‘intermission’? My bladder is accustomed to being relieved after the first hour of watching the movie. I found it hard initially but then I found a solution : DO NOT DRINK A BIG TANK OF COKE. It helps with my sugar high too.


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