This republic day I would like to tell the you one secret about me. When I was in school I was in the band. Not the rock band, not a pop band but the school brass band. Yup, I’m a proud member, REPRESENT!

I played the easiest of all instruments – the cymbal. My job was to clash the cymbal together every now and then. The only reason my friends and I joined the band was for the perks : free snacks at any function and the cute uniform that consisted of a white skirt and shirt, red waistcoat and a red beret. We also wore white stockings and white gloves. Yes, we were very fancy. So I would dress up all fancy just to go clash the cymbals and then gorge on the free snacks the school provided which was always small samosa and frooti pack yum!

The school band used to play at all important functions. We would practise for days which was very convenient because I got to bunk a lot of classes with a valid reason “Band practise, ‘Mam” was all I had to say. We would always feel very special on republic and independence days. We would play the national anthem and the chief guest would hoist the flag. I couldn’t help but feel a tiny smidgen of pride looking at the flag. This iota of pride was of course hidden the rest of the year. But on that day everyone was happy and proud. Plus we got free chocolate.

Happy republic day, y’all! Go eat chocolate.


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