Weekend update is too late.

Since my daily life is so glamorous I decided to document what I did every weekend. So the weekend came and went, Monday came and went, Tuesday came and went, Wednesday came and went. Now its Thursday. I think we’ve now established that I am the queen of procrastination.

Anyways, I spent the weekend cooking some really terrible tasting lemon and shrimp pasta. Never going to attempt making pasta with shrimp ever again. Never buying frozen shrimp out of laziness ever again.

Also watched X-Men on sunday. I slept halfway in to the movie and I never do that. So now I know I’m getting old.

I also met a lady this week who said I have a great personality. Should have made her tell that to my mom.

If the procrastination bug doesn’t bite me I will be back next week.



4 thoughts on “Weekend update is too late.

  1. Haha..laughing about the personality bit ! Ohh and I am a vegetarian but I knew about the frozen shrimp surprisingly! Too many competitive cooking show TV viewing! A contestant who used frozen versus fresh was kicked out:)

    • Fresh shrimp tastes a hundred times better than frozen. I learnt how to peel them through Youtube. They are time consuming to do but once you go fresh, you never go back… or something like that!

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